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How We Do It

Firs Marketing is a Leicester-based SEO company that helps businesses of different sizes—from SMEs to large corporations—develop an online marketing campaign that works. We have the dedication, passion, and ability to help businesses like yours improve their online presence and harness the power of online marketing to boost their bottom line and move forward.

Handling the nitty-gritty

Many online marketing firms will tell you that all you have to do is simply build a website, and success will soon follow. We understand that’s oversimplifying things, and that’s not the way we work. Online marketing is about establishing our client’s brand and then building on that foundation. To be able to accomplish this, however, will take a huge amount of knowledge, experience, and skill, as well as a significant investment of valuable time and effort.

Creating a worthy web presence requires a lot of work, and a major part of it is keeping the business up-to-date with the changes happening in the industry. We can do that for you.

Keeping it simple

As the SEO company in charge of your digital marketing campaigns, Firs Marketing will also manage your various online presences, from your website and listings to your social media pages. We believe in keeping things simple, so apart from managing your brand, we make sure you understand how our strategies are helping your business. We believe that the more you understand how we run your campaigns, the better we can serve you in return.

Leading the way

The Internet is a fast-evolving space; strategies that may have worked well at one time may cease to be effective in the succeeding days. Trying to keep up with the latest and best online marketing strategies can be difficult if you’re busy running your business, and can quickly drain your marketing budget if not done properly. We will provide you with the support you need to stay ahead of the online curve as you focus on growing your business.

Firs Marketing is an SEO agency that can help you develop and sustain an online marketing strategy to help you compete in today’s challenging marketplace. We service businesses within Leicestershire as well as Derby, Coventry, Nottingham and surrounding areas. We provide various online marketing services that include Search Engine and Social Media Optimisation, Local Buzz, Web Design, Pay per Click Advertising and AdWords Remarketing, Website Audit, and Online Reputation Management. Contact us today and let us provide you with the services you need to help your business reach the next level of success.