FREE £500-Worth of Pro Level Online Marketing Consultation

One thing you always have to remember when engaging in online marketing is that you don’t know everything. In fact, what you think you know may only be the tip of the iceberg, or worse yet, it may cause more harm than good to your website. You need the expert advice of an online marketing consultant to succeed in your quest for a stronger online presence.

We have good news for you! As a premier internet marketing firm based in Leicestershire, Firs Marketing is offering a FREE consultation. Typically, this kind of premium service is worth £500 per consultation, but since we value you so much and we consider your success as ours as well, we are offering it to you free of charge. You won’t be offered the same deal anywhere else.

What’s Included in Our Online Marketing Consultation?

We promise not to waste your precious time so we’ll go straight to discussing your options. We’ll ask for vital information that will help us fully understand your business, your products and services, your marketing goals, and the issues you’ve encountered with your current marketing strategies.

After carefully analysing the data we gather, we will develop a customised marketing solution that will work for your business. You will hear our advice first hand and we will make sure no other company but yours will benefit from the same advice.

Areas Covered by Our Free Consultation Service

Our FREE online marketing consultation service covers the following areas:

  • Keyword Research. We will provide you with a list of keywords that your clients and prospects are actually keying in on search engines when they are looking for products/services that you are offering. Our choice is based on our analysis of the data you provide us. We will present the list to you along with other related information, such as search volume and average cost per click of any keyword containing campaign.


Sample report:




  • Competition Analysis Report. It’s not just your business that benefits from the list of keywords we give. Your competitors are most likely using them, too, in order to keep their webpages ranking. We will analyse how these keywords work for your competitors and determine how they can work for your campaigns better to ensure higher ranking. We will prepare a comprehensive competition analysis report.


Sample report:




  • Website Structure Analysis Report. We will thoroughly inspect your website for poor-quality content, broken links, and other flaws that might affect your search engine ranking. We will give you an idea of the right form and quantity of content you should put in your website based on known standards.


Sample report:




  • Online Presence Report. Whether you want to know what the consumers are saying about your business or what business listings you are showing up in, we can determine them through our research and analysis. You will have access to information about your business you didn’t even think exists.


Sample report:



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