Expand your Website’s Reach to a Growing Number of Mobile Users by Going Mobile Responsive!

Website Design

For your website to provide an extraordinary brand experience to visitors, it has to be user-friendly, professional-looking, and relevant. Website design is among the elements that help in generating organic traffic, revisits, and loyal customers. If your website doesn’t possess these qualities, then it’s time to enlist the expertise of a professional web designer.

Firs Marketing is dedicated to designing traffic-generating websites for individuals and businesses in the Midlands. Our team has years of combined experience in online marketing, allowing us to provide all-inclusive online marketing services, from website design to search engine optimisation. If you’re looking for seasoned web designers to create a website that can speak well for your business, don’t hesitate to call our team.

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Aspects of Web Design

Web design is often confused with web development. Although both processes factor into a website’s architecture, they differ in the aspects they cover. Web design is concerned mainly with the website’s appearance and the visitors’ interaction with it, while web development is concerned with programming and the connection between webpages.

The web design services we offer are meant to improve your website’s look and navigability for better user experience. We will make sure that your content is strategically presented and the fluidity of layout leads to better understanding of your products and services. We will use vivid yet less flamboyant typography, images, and graphics to maintain the professional look of each page. Eliminating bugs that can render each page unusable is also part of these services.

Responsive Website Design

Mobile devices are becoming the browsing medium of choice for many consumers. Recent studies reveal that 72% of consumers who own smartphones made a purchase using their mobile devices. This fast-changing buying behaviour gives us a glimpse of how smartphones and tablets will influence online marketing. Before they do, allow us to prepare your website by giving it a responsive design.

A responsive website can easily shift from desktop to mobile interface. We will make your website mobile responsive and base its entire design on your specifications and standards so that it can meet your business’ needs. Using the most popular content management system, WordPress, your website will load on any device, and all its features will be accessible and functional to users at any time.

Our Services

After thoroughly exploring your business, we will start drafting a web design plan that is customised to your business system and architecture. Specifically, we will perform the following tasks:

  • Install and configure a reliable content management system. We use WordPress, the world’s biggest and most advanced CMS that runs over 66 million websites.
  • Generate File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Content Management System (CMS) access.
  • Analyse your website’s content and design.
  • Provide design mock-ups to have clear view of the customisation before launch.
  • Source and embed relevant images and provide well-written content on your website.
  • Take care of contact form setup, email installation and configuration, website backup, migration, and installation.

We provide web design services to companies in areas within Leicestershire County, particularly in Leicester, Derby, Coventry, Nottingham, Loughborough, and the surrounding areas. If you want to learn more about our company and our services, feel free to visit our contact page and fill out a form, or call 07712 873095.