Website Design in Leicester – It’s more than just a pretty picture

Most people today don’t give a second thought to what’s gone on behind the scenes of those myriad all-singing, all-dancing websites they visit on a daily basis. Unless of course the site is slow to load, links don’t work, or it won’t fit onto the smartphone screen. In that case, it’s hit the back-button and off to another site.

So what is it that professional Leicester web design companies have to achieve to ensure your website ranks high in SERPs, and provides your brand the high exposure it deserves?

Browser Codes:

Most searches are still organic-based, meaning they originate from the search engines. Yet search engines themselves can read programming code differently. The code for each web browser has to be checked and tested, to ensure end-user experience remains constant, and your web page displays as it should no matter whether viewed from Google, IE, or one of the many other browsers available.


DIY Website Templates:

In the early days of a new business venture when finances are invariably tight, many consider building their own websites using a range of ready-made templates available. As you would expect, designed for the masses, templates often have over-large code, contain unnecessary elements, and are extremely inflexible, allowing little area for change. A professional web design company will provide custom built templates designed to meet the needs of your particular website and clientele.

Video and Images:

While quality text still plays a big part in maintaining your website’s rankings, images and video are playing an increasingly large part in drawing that all important traffic. But they have to be the right sort of images and video. Large files can slow down site loading speed, making it jittery and hard to scroll, causing visitors to leave before the site has loaded. Professional website designers will ensure both static and moving images are optimised for use on your website.

If your business is based in Leicester, it makes sense to contact a Leicester website design company like Firs Marketing. They have the local knowledge and expertise to ensure your website is optimised to provide you the highest exposure in your area of operations.


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